Its administrative department is a challenging one……. They are ready to take any kind of decision that is viable and reasonable for any project. Not only that these people are well trained and well educated as well as they known geographical location of different region.


This company had that much of contacts through which it can arrange manpower within the stipulated period to run any type of project. From this point of view this company is in a position that is comparable to the others..

Some Projects at a glance in last 10 years

* Since 2009 we are doing different projects like Costal NPR, NPR demographic data entry for Howrah.
* Marine Fisherman ID in Odissa in the year 2010.
* Pahari Project (BSF Service Book data entry) in the year 2011.
* RSBY manpower supply for Maldaha and Hingalganj in the year 2011.
* NPR 57 data entry and biometric enrolment in the year 2012.
* NPR 57 data entry and biometric enrolment in North Bengal in the year 2012.
* RSBY in North Bengal in the year 2013.
* RSBY in Medinipur in the year 2013.
* RSBY in Assam in the year 2013.
* Digitization of Ration Card (Digitization Project) in Nadia & Kolkata in the year 2014.
* CCTV Surveillance Project in 17th General Election ( Lok Sabha) 2019 in Purulia, Dum Dum(WB).
* CCTV Surveillance Project in Bhatpara, WB (Bidhan Sabha by Election) in the year 2019.